po|si|tion1 [ pə`zıʃn ] noun count ***
▸ 1 way body/thing is placed
▸ 2 general situation
▸ 3 where something is
▸ 4 opinion about issue
▸ 5 job in company
▸ 6 rank/status
▸ 7 place in list etc.
1. ) the way that someone's body is placed:
I dragged myself into a sitting position.
First, get yourself into a comfortable position.
a ) the way that an object is placed:
The engine is mounted in the upright position.
Raise the lever to the up position to get the water to flow.
b ) a way of placing your body in BALLET or YOGA
c ) a way that two people place their bodies when they are having sex
2. ) used for talking about how much money a person or organization has:
What is your current financial position?
strengthen/improve/consolidate someone's position (=make someone's financial situation better): An injection of capital strengthened the company's position.
a ) a situation that a particular person is in:
I wouldn't brag about that if I were in your position.
Someone in their position can't afford to take that kind of risk.
be in a position to do something: I'm not in a position to say who my sources are.
b ) a general situation:
The position is that we only accept new club members once a year.
3. ) where something is in relation to other things:
Place the plant in a bright sunny position.
position of: Here is a chart showing the positions of the planets.
a ) in team sports, the part of the field where a particular player plays:
What position do you play? Second Base.
4. ) an opinion about an important issue:
position on: No one was sure of his position on any issue.
take a position: Do you expect the administration to take a position one way or another on this legislation?
take the position that: The agency takes the position that the government's specifications were deficient.
5. ) a job in a company:
There are 12 women in management positions within the company.
I'm sorry, the position has already been filled (=someone has already been chosen to do the job).
6. ) someone's rank or status in an organization or in society:
a position of authority/responsibility/power: Such behavior was clearly not acceptable for someone in a position of authority.
abuse your position (=try to get an unfair advantage from your position): He had seriously abused his position as a doctor by releasing patients' personal details.
position within: Stone's position within the party was strengthened after her speech at last year's convention.
7. ) the place that someone or something has in a list or competition:
Following behind in fourth position is Jeff Gordon.
in/into position
in or into the correct place:
Leave the knee brace in position until the doctor tells you to remove it.
We watched the cameras move into position.
out of position
out of the correct place:
The car had knocked over some traffic cones that were out of position on the road.
╾ po|si|tion|al adjective:
There are two positional switches to the team.
po|si|tion 2 [ pə`zıʃn ] verb transitive **
1. ) to put something in a particular place:
Position the microphone as close as possible to the source of the sound.
Once the paper is positioned correctly, the printer should print with no problems.
2. ) BUSINESS to make people think of a product in a particular way:
Research can help a company to position its product for maximum public exposure.
be well/ideally positioned
to be in a good situation to be able to do something:
The brand is well positioned to succeed in the Spanish market.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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